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Whether a visible leak is coming from your ceiling or water is accumulating on your floor, Rodgers Architects can use many techniques to determine the root of water intrusion. At times what seems to be water coming from the roof actually is coming from a wall or air conditioning duct. We strive to locate leaks with the least amount of destruction to property, however, some instances require more invasive techniques.


Non-Destructive Technologies:

  • Infrared scan - Use of infrared cameras to locate differitiations of temperature even under the roof surface or within a walled structure.
  • Pinless moisture meter - This is an instrument that can detect humidity levels in wood, concrete and other building materials by running the meter over the surface of objects.

Minimally Invasive Techniques/Technologies:

  • Water test - Use of a water source (such as a water hose) sprayed over suspect areas to locate the exact water intrusion point
  • Pin moisture meters - This type of meter uses prongs that are inserted into the membrane of a roof or finished wall to detect humidity levels.

Destructive Techniques:

  • Hole cutting - In the extreme case where all non-destructive and minimally invasive techniques have been exhausted, destructive cutting can be performed. Opening the roof system, ceiling or wall would be the last effort to locate leaks.